Benefits of NSE-NCFM Exams in Financial Market

If you are preparing for your NSE-NCFM Exams, you should consider PASS4SURE to help you. You have to know the complexity of the exam for you to be able to pass that one. If you want to have NSE’s certification, then you have to pass the NSE-NCFM Exams. It is the very first step you have to take in order for you to enter the financial world.

The main purpose of this exam and certification is to create essential awareness among finance professionals, specifically in the Indian Financial Market. Anyone can pursue this examination and certification for there are no specific requirements, but one must be a High School graduate and must be 18 years of age. Currently, the exam has 24 different and separate modules. Most of these are easy and require nominal preparation. Passing this exam won’t guarantee anyone an instant job but will help someone have a stronger job application compared to other applicants who don’t pass the NSE-NCFM Exams.

NCFM Capital Market (Dealers) Module helps in understanding the basic facts of capital market trading operations of NSE. This module gives clear picture of facts involved in settlement and risk management processes. This module helps the candidate in understanding the basic eligibility criteria for getting membership at NSE. Capital Market Module also helps in learning the important regulatory aspects. This module of NCFM is beneficial for teachers, students, investors and for all those who have keen interest in operations of stock market. Test of this module is of 105 minutes duration. Number of questions which need to be attempted are 60 for 100 marks. Passing marks required for clearing the test of this module is 50%. The certificates of this course are valid for 5 years starting from the test date.

NCFM Derivative Market (Dealers) Module is beneficial for portfolio managers, stock brokers, sub- brokers and students. NCF M study material of this module helps in learning basics of the derivative markets and derivative products used in speculating, hedging and arbitraging. This module clears the concepts of trading, risk management, settlement, clearing and equity derivatives. NCFM study material contains the depth knowledge accounting and taxation related to equity derivatives.

NCFM – A beginner’s module specialises in all the NCFM study material that contains all the basic information which is helpful for beginners. NCFM mock test for beginners are designed in such a way that they cover all the basic topics that are required to get NCFM certification. This beginner’s module helps in creating a strong base of the person who is undergoing this course. Beginner’s module is helpful for financial planners, students, teachers, financial analysts, investors and equity researchers. This certification helps the people in gaining in depth knowledge about stock markets. This course is in demand these days due to its various popularity reasons.